The Big Jump 3D english

Tue 26.2.2019 18:15
Wed 27.2.2019 20:30
Thu 28.2.2019 18:15
Fri 1.3.2019 20:30
Sat 2.3.2019 18:15
Sun 3.3.2019 20:30
Mon 4.3.2019 18:15
Tue 5.3.2019 20:30
Wed 6.3.2019 18:15


THE BIG JUMP will be the first cinema documentary about ski flying as well as the first full-length production about this sport reaching an enormous reception worldwide, and it will be ideal for the big movie screens.


THE BIG JUMP will not just be about the spectacle itself, but will also include some of the less public aspects of this sport. The film shows footage of the personal approach of the athletes and their mental preparation. It highlights the critical side of success and makes physical borderline experiences perceptible for the audience.


THE BIG JUMP is built upon the highlight of the Ski Flying World Cup 2018 in Oberstdorf. Based on this event, a wide image of this sport from the points of view of athletes, trainers and others is shown. Another important aspect is the steps towards the last reserves using different methods of sports medicine. In quiet, private moments, we encounter the protagonists off the beaten track of loud publicity, competitions and their will to win.


THE BIG JUMP also highlights the further development of this sport. We will meet FIS Race Director Walter Hofer, who gives an insight into the future of ski flying and the complex processes behind the scenes.


This season’s focus is on the Ski Flying Word Cup in Oberstdorf. The Film will be based on the personal ways of exceptional athletes and their concepts of dealing with this challenge.